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Acclaimed and award-winning artist Gabriel Hernández Walta (The Vision, Phantom Road) and writer El Torres (Roman Ritual, Straitjacket) present their renowned work in a long-awaited edition, remastered and re-lettered! Revisit their horror masterpiece! She has returned to Greenville. Chris Luna, haunted by her own past, navigates the city’s shadows. Ghostly echoes surround her, each whisper carrying the weight of the bygone days. Darkness stirs, unseen forces awaken. Brace yourself for a scary tale where Chris confronts both her demons and the restless spirits that dwell within the city’s depths.

(W) El Torres (A) Gabriel Hernandez Walta (CA) Pablo M. Collar

Rating: Teen+


Available: April 10, 2024

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February 2024

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