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Wanted #1

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Wanted #1
“Bring On The Bad Guys”
Published by Image Comics
December, 2003

Get ready for superheroes as you’ve never seen them before. Forget The Authority. Forget The Ultimates. Mark Millar has taken the genre to a whole new level with his first American creator-owned book. Find out what happens when white-collar worker Wesley Gibson discovers the truth behind his origins and who’s REALLY been running organized crime since 1986, in a story that takes place in the world outside your own window. Described by the London Sunday Times as “Watchmen for super-villains”, WANTED is Millar’s finest work to date with astonishing pencils and inks by artist JG Jones (Black Widow) and colors by Paul Mounts (The Ultimates). Sex. Money. Super-powers. Costume. You know you want it.

Comic Con Variant: Wizard World 2003 Texas Con Variant
Variant Cover: Wizard ACE Edition – Acetate Overlay cover

Cover Artist: Rodolfo Migliari
Writer: Mark Millar
Penciler: J.G. Jones
Inker: J.G. Jones
Colourist: Paul Mounts
Letterer: Robin Spehar

Variant Cover



Near Mint 9.4, Very Fine 8.0

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