X-Factor Vol 1 #26

Published by Marvel Comics
March, 1988

1st Appearance (Cameo): Warren Worthington as Archangel

X-Factor stand outside the crashed Ship facing an arrest order by the Police, but they flee to the city in order to help people from their ruined homes.
Meanwhile, Apocalypse reunites his lackeys elsewhere.
Later, at Roosevelt Hospital, Beast confesses to Trish Tilby while the others are exhausted by saving the city.
They start being regained as heroes by the public opinion and adopt the Ship as their new headquarters.
The morning after, they are given new costumes and are honored in a parade while Apocalypse and Warren watch from afar.

Cover Artist: Walter Simonson
Writers: Louise Simonson
Artist: Walter Simonson


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Very Fine 8.0

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