X-Force Vol 4 #1

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X-Force Vol 4 #1
Published by Marvel Comics
April, 2014

Part of the ‘All-New Marvel NOW!’ event

Almost every sovereign state in the Marvel Universe makes use of sanctioned superhumans to protect national interests and pursue a covert agenda.
The United States has the Secret Avengers.
The United Kingdom has MI13. And mutantkind has X-FORCE.
In this dirty, secret, no-holds-barred, deadly game of superhuman black ops, veteran X-Man Cable and his team will spy, torture, and kill to ensure that the mutant race not only has a place in the world… but also a stake in it.

Regular Cover: Regular Rock-He Kim Cover
Variant Cover: Katie Cook Animal Cover Variant

Cover Artist: Rock-He Kim
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Penciler: Rock-He Kim
Inkers: Rock-He Kim
Colourist: Rock-He Kim
Letterer: Joe Sabino


Near Mint 9.4

Variant Cover


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