X-Men Vol 1 #139

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X-Men Vol 1 #139
“…Something Wicked This Way Comes!”
Published by Marvel Comics
November, 1980

1st Appearance: Heather Hudson
1st Appearance: Vindicator II
1st Appearance: Wolverine tan/brown costume

Kitty Pryde joins the team and soon finds she live to regret her decision. Meanwhile, Wolverine and Nightcrawler head to Canada and come face-to-face with one of the deadliest killers in the Marvel Universe. Featuring a flashback cameo from Incredible Hulk (Vol. 1) #181 when Wolverine battled the Hulk and Wendigo.

Cover Artists: John Byrne, Terry Austin, Jim Novak
Writers: Chris Claremont, John Byrne
Penciler: John Byrne
Inker: Terry Austin
Colourist: Glynis Wein
Letterer: Tom Orzechowski


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