X-Men Vol 1 #56


X-Men Vol 1 #56
“What is… the Power?”
Published by Marvel Comics
May, 1969

1st Neal Adams X-Men

In the Egyptian desert, the X-Men battle the Living Pharaoh and his men; The Pharaoh takes off with Alex and siphons off his mutant powers to turn himself into the Living Monolith; As the X-Men battle the Monolith, Alex turns the tables by taking back his power and more, stopping the Monolith and destroying the ancient temple where he has been trapped; Alex warns his friends to stay away as he has no control over the destructive powers coursing through his body.
The Flying A-Bomb!
The Origins of the Uncanny X-Men!

Cover Artists: Neal Adams, Sam Rosen
Writers: Roy Thomas
Penciler: Neal Adams
Inker: Tom Palmer
Colourist: Sam Grainger
Letterer: Herb Cooper

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