X-Men Vol 1 #8


X-Men Vol 1 #8
“The Uncanny Threat of… Unus, the Untouchable!”
Published by Marvel Comics
November, 1964

1st Appearance: Unus the Untouchable

After being attacked by a mutant hating crowd following his heroic rescue of a young boy, Beast gets fed up with protecting a humanity that fears and hates him and quits the X-Men; He becomes a professional wrestler but meets his match when he battles Unus, a mutant who cannot be touched; Unus is trying to leave show biz and join Magneto’s Brotherhood so he takes on the X-Men as an initiation; The X-Men barely fend him off and, returning home, they find the Beast has constructed a machine that will actually increase Unus’ powers; Thinking him a traitor, the X-Men try to prevent Hank from using the machine, but, once Unus has been zapped and powered up, he finds that he cannot even eat without the food being repelled out of his hands; Beast returns him to his former power level but with the promise that Unus will steer clear of Magneto.

Cover Artists: Jack Kirby, Chic Stone, Sam Rosen
Writers: Stan Lee
Penciler: Jack Kirby
Inker: Chic Stone
Colourist: n/a
Letterer: Sam Rosen

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Fine/Very Fine 7.0

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