X-Men Vol 2 #15

Published by Marvel Comics
December, 1992

Polybagged with card

“The Camel’s Back (X-Cutioner’s Song Pt. 7)”

Gambit and Quicksilver are saved from Reaper by Havok and Psylocke.
Storm and Rogue and Polaris take down Dragoness and Strobe, while Iceman takes care of Slab and Thumbelina.
Cannonball and Boomer fight old friends Rusty and Skids, just to find Stryfe.
Stryfe talks to Cyclops and Jean Grey, claiming to be there son. He then gets disgusted and fights the Dark Riders.
Soon Apocalypse appears, and Stryfe prepares to fight him.

Cover Artist: Andy Kubert
Writers: Fabian Nicieza
Artist: Andy Kubert


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Very Fine 8.0

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