X-Men Vol 2 #97 Leinil Francis Yu 1:4 Incentive Variant

Published by Marvel Comics
February, 2000

“The End of the World As We Know It (Part 2)”

It’s the final showdown between the Children of the Atom and humanity’s greatest threat!
Enemies will become allies… destinies will be fulfilled… and, for one, the ultimate sacrifice will be made!
And when the smoke clears from this battle, the mighty mutants will never be the same… and the stage will be set for the X-Men in 2000!
The Millennium is dawning… but will it be the beginning of the Age of Apocalypse?!

Incentive Variant: Leinil Francis Yu 1:4 Incentive Variant

Cover Artist: Alan Davis
Writers: Alan Davis
Artist: Alan Davis


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Variant Cover

Incentive Ratio


Very Fine 8.0

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