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Years of Future Past #1 (Secret Wars)

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Years of Future Past #1
Published by Marvel Comics
August, 2015

Part of the ‘Secret Wars’ event

In the dystopian nations of BATTLEWORLD, the mutants of New York City must fight to survive the rule of the Sentinels!
At their center is Kate Pryde, a heroine tried and tested by war, and mother of the last mutant ever to be born before the purges of the Mutant Control Act!
With revolution on the wind, the X-Men are not a broken team with nothing left to lose, but a desperate family with more at risk than ever before!

Regular Cover: Regular Arthur Adams Cover
Young Variant: Skottie Young Variant

Cover Artist: Arthur Adams
Writer: Marguerite Bennett
Penciler: Mike Norton
Inkers: Mike Norton
Colourist: FCO Plascencia
Letterer: Joe Caramagna



Near Mint 9.4

Variant Cover


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