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Natsu Tadano brings a sweet yet clear-eyed and always humane touch to a story of love doomed by illness. Her vivid art brings this quiet love story alive, and undergirds the surprisingly deep philosophical themes of the text. Ichika and Prof. Yurugi (her philosophy teacher and an expert on Heidegger) must decide if the pain of losing someone is worth the moments of happiness and comfort they can afford each other.I want to be happy, and I want it to be with him—Happy-go-lucky college student Ichika Sendawara is living on borrowed time, but when the professor she’s in love with learns of her illness, her cheery facade begins to crack.Can Ichika and Professor Yurugi, terminally ill himself, maintain—or deepen—their relationship, even with the knowledge that they have no future…?—They’ll risk it all for even a brief moment of love.

(W) Natsu Tadano

Rating: Teen


Available: July 2, 2024

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May 2024

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