Subscriptions FAQs

What is a subscription and how do I set one up?

Subscriptions are an easy way for you to make sure you don’t miss any issues from your favourite comic titles each month.

By placing a subscription you are asking us to order in a copy of your chosen title each month, subscriptions are ongoing until you ask us to pause or cancel your subscription.

To start your subscriptions simply click the ‘Add to cart’ buttons on our Comic Book Subscriptions page of the titles you would like, then proceed to checkout to complete your order.

I’d like to subscribe to a comic but can’t find it listed?

We can provide subscriptions for any ongoing comic series available from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics or any other publisher available through Diamond Comics Previews and DC Connect.

To save space we’ve only listed the titles we currently stock or that have been requested by our customers. If you would like to subscribe to a title not currently listed, please contact us. We will confirm it’s availability and then add it to the subscriptions page, we’ll also email you to let you know it’s now available.

How do I pay for my subscription?

Once you have placed your subscription order you will receive an email from us within 48 hours confirming the titles you have subscribed to, issue numbers your subscriptions will start from and to request your shipping preferences.* (*Please refer to “When will my subscriptions be posted to me?” for more details.)

If you are a new customer you will also need to fill in your shipping details at checkout.

Once these details have been confirmed we will provide you with an invoice each month as your subscriptions arrive in store and are ready to send.

How can I transfer my current subscriptions over to you?

If you’d like to switch your existing subscriptions over to us please get in touch first via the ‘Contact Us‘ page.

We can then talk with you about your current subscriptions and work out which issue numbers you’d like your subscriptions to start from.

This way you’ll have no risk of missing any issues of your comic titles.

What happens if a title I’ve subscribed to releases a ‘Special Issue’ or changes its price?

Anniversary and milestone issues are often released with a variety of alternative standard covers, The Walking Dead #115 being a great example of this.

If a title you are subscribed to offers multiple standard covers for any particular issue, we will advise you of this via email and ask if you would like a particular one.

If you would like more than one or a complete set just let us know.

We will then order the additional issues and advise you of any one-off additional payment required to complete your order for that month.

Occasionally titles may release an issue that has a different price than it’s ongoing standard price.

In such instances we will email you prior to it’s release to confirm you wish to receive this issue and advise you of any one-off additional payment required to complete your order for that month.

In the event of an issue having a lower cover price than standard we will refund any difference paid in an automatic payment, or bill you for the lower amount that month.

If a title you are subscribed to changes its ongoing cover price, we will email you prior to it’s release to confirm you wish to continue your subscription. We will also advice you of any changes you need to apply to your automatic payment if applicable.

Can I order more than one copy of a comic I subscribe to?

Absolutely! If you would like to order more than one copy of each issue, simply click on on the title picture of the comic series you would like to subscribe to on the Comic Book Subscriptions page.

You can choose how many copies of each issue you would like to receive per month, this is set at one copy per month by default.

An example of a titles description page can be viewed here: Batman Subscription

How will you ship my comics and how much does shipping cost?

Every comic you order from us comes in a fresh comic book bag and board. All comic book orders are bagged and boarded and wrapped together in a secondary poly bag to protect against the elements during shipping. Your order is then packed in a tough cardboard book mailer, providing extra protection for those delicate corners.

Monthly orders are sent using our standard shipping rates:

  • 1-2 Comics – NZ Post Courier $7.20
  • 3-8 Comics – NZ Post Courier $9.70
  • 9-12 Comics – NZ Post Courier $10.40

An additional fee of $4.70 applies for rural delivery.

You will be provided with several shipping options during checkout, these include:
  • NZ Post Economy
  • NZ Post Courier
  • NZ Post Post Express

When will my subscriptions be posted to me?

If you are subscribing to a single title per month your subscription invoice will be sent to you within 48 hours of our stock delivery, and your comics will be sent as soon as payment is received.

If you are subscribed to multiple titles your subscription invoice will be sent to you at the end of each month. Your monthly bill will cover your subscriptions plus a combined shipping fee*.

As a subscriber you are also able to have any back issues or graphic novels purchased between subscription shipping dates combined with your subscriptions order and save on shipping. (*Please refer to “How will you ship my comics and how much does shipping cost?” for more details.)

Are you able to send subscriptions internationally?

We are happy to send subscription orders internationally though international shipping costs apply. If you are based outside New Zealand please contact us prior to placing your subscriptions order.

How do I cancel my subscriptions?

If for any reason you decide you need to cancel your subscriptions, simply contact us and let us know. We order stock two months in advance and would appreciate as much notice of subscription cancellations as possible.

Still have questions? Please check our FAQ page or contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP.