Age Of Bronze Vol 1: A Thousand Ships (TPB)

A Thousand Ships brings to vibrant life the prelude to the Trojan War.
Here, once more, shines the glory of Troy. Here the famous names of legend breathe again, Achilles, Odysseus, Paris, Agamemnon . . . and Helen, the face that launched a thousand ships.

The Trojan War is one of the world’s most enduring and exciting epics.
Great poets of every age have told the story, each in his own way – Homer, Euripides, Virgil, Ovid, Chaucer, and Shakespeare. Countless others have told the story, too, adding to and expanding on earlier versions.

In the 1870s, German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann revealed to a fascinated world the remains of the ancient city of Troy. Ever since, excavations at Troy and elsewhere have shed light on the Late Bronze Age culture of the eastern Mediterranean, the world of the Trojan War.
Now, Eric Shanower combines the various Trojan War legends with the findings of archaeology to present a new retelling of the Trojan War, built on the foundations of the past, but uniquely envisioned for today’s readers by a modern cartoonist.

“History never read so good.”
-Entertainment Weekly

“Already nominated for several Eisner Awards, (an Oscar in the comics’ world), Shanower’s combination of myth and black-and-white artwork is a triumphant storytelling achievement.”
-Today’s Librarian

In addition to collecting the story from Age of Bronze issues #1-9, A Thousand Ships includes an Afterword by the author, Pronunciation Glossary, Maps, Genealogical Charts, and Bibliography.

Cover Artists: Eric Shanower
Writer: Eric Shanower
Penciler: Eric Shanower
Inker: Eric Shanower
Letterer: Eric Shanower

Format: Softcover
Pages: 224
Rated: All Ages

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