Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 #1

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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 #1
“Back to Basics: Part One”
Published by Marvel Comics
September, 2018

It’s a Brand New D– No, wait a second. Spider-Man’s gone Big Time– That’s not right either. Spider-Man’s Rebir– Definitely not THAT.
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN gets a BIGGER, BRAND NEW SERIES courtesy of Nick Spencer (SECRET EMPIRE, SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN) and the Marvel debut of RYAN OTTLEY (Invincible)!!!!!
An alien invasion attacks NYC and the only one who can stop it is… Spider-Man?!
But that’s FAR from all you’ll find here—A revelation from the past puts Peter Parker’s job, relationships and WHOLE LIFE in jeopardy! And if even THAT’s not enough, you’ll see a new roommate, new love interests and a new villain!!!

Regular Cover: Regular Ryan Ottley Cover
Comic Con Variant: San Diego Comic Con 2018 Exclusive Variant (Limited to 4000)
Premiere Variant: Ryan Ottley Premiere Variant (2 Per Store)

Cover Artist: Ryan Ottley, Laura Martin
Writer: Nick Spencer
Penciler: Ryan Ottley
Inkers: Cliff Rathburn
Colourist: Laura Martin
Letterer: Joe Caramagna

Variant Cover

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