Betty & Veronica: A Year In The Life Pre-order

Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge have done it all over the last 80+ years, and now you can join them to experience a year’s worth of Riverdale adventures! This special collection shines a light on what the iconic duo tackle over the course of twelve months, from helpful hilarity to festive fun!Collects five sensational comics…Good Citizens: Betty and Veronica are two best friends with hearts of gold and these stories prove just that!Winterfest: While the air is chilly stay warm inside and get cozy with these winter adventures!Spring Break: Flowers are in bloom and the days are getting longer -which means there’s even more time to have some fun!Summer Fun: From beach parties to tropical island getaways, summer days are always a lot brighter with B&V!Halloween Spooktacular: The duo are here with some spooky stories to get you into the Halloween spirit!

(W) Archie Superstars

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May 2024

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