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Blade learns lessons from the Incredible Hulk…and the infernal Dracula! Until the day-walking vampire hunter called Blade became sheriff of Vampire Nation, Dracula was his sworn enemy. Now Dracula is the only one who can teach Blade what he still needs to know about himself – and how to unlock new powers of vampirism Blade didn’t even know he possessed! But in preparation to face the deadly Adana once more, Blade must confront the monster he fears he is – and who knows better what it’s like to live with a dark side than Bruce Banner? Mustering all the power gained with Dracula’s and Hulk’s aid, Blade must gather knowledge about the Adana by going deep into the heart of enemy territory! A bloody rematch is coming. At stake? The fate of every soul on Earth! Collecting BLADE (2023) #6-10.

(W) Bryan Hill (A) Elena Casagrande; Valentina Pinti (CA) Elena Casagrande

Rating: Teen+


Available: August 27, 2024

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