Carnage Vol. 2: Symbiosis Necrosis Pre-order

The symbiotic psychopath continues his reign of terror! Born anew in symbiote goo and blood, Cletus Kasady is more dangerous and violent than ever before – and he has his sights dead set on the unsuspecting Venom! Untested against the might of his symbiotic sibling without his father by his side, Dylan Brock must hold the sadistic serial killer at bay. But is Carnage’s young symbiotic “sibling” just bait for Eddie Brock, the King in Black himself? Time for some bloody brother bonding! Meanwhile, there’s still one thing out there that can kill Carnage: Flash Thompson, A.K.A. Anti-Venom! Liz Allan makes a discovery that changes the symbiote balance of power! Flash and Cletus are both armed with surprising weapons! But while Carnage’s followers fight in his name, Cletus begins to question his godliness! Collecting CARNAGE (2023) #5-8 and VENOM (2021) #31-32.

(W) Torunn Gronbekk (A) Pere Perez; Ken Lashley (CA) Juan Ferreyra

Rating: Teen+


Available: September 3, 2024

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May 2024

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