Elvira In Monsterland #1 Ashcan Variant (1 Per Store)

Published by Dynamite Comics
April, 2023

“What’s scarier than Dracula? ALL THE DRACULAS!
Vlad the Impaler is back, and he’s raiding the Multiverse of Movies to build a monster army and conquer the world.
And only one woman can stop him! Vampirella! But she’s busy in her own books… so it’s up to Elvira, the Mistress of the Dark, and bane of Vlad’s existence, to stop his evil plan!
It’s monster movie madness horror from writer David Avallone (Elvira in Horrorland, Bettie Page: Unbound) and artist Kewber Bal (Vampirella, Red Rising, Red Sonja).

Ashcan Variant: Ashcan Variant (1 Per Store)

Cover Artist: Kewber Bal
Writer: David Avallone
Penciler: Kewber Bal
Inker: Kewber Bal
Colourist: Walter Pereyra
Letterer: Talyor Esposito


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Variant Cover


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Near Mint 9.4

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