Free Agents #1 Cvr A Stephen Mooney Wraparound Pre-order

SERIES PREMIEREGIANT-SIZE! BARGAIN PRICE!An all-new ongoing series! KURT BUSIEK (ASTRO CITY), FABIAN NICIEZA (Deadpool), and STEPHEN MOONEY (Half Past Danger) introduce a team of young veterans, survivors of a massive intergalactic war.**Salvo. Pike. Katari. Shakti. Ridge. Maraud. Chalice. **They’ve fought every day of their existence and won a terrible victory. Now they’re stranded on Earth, free agents for the first time.  But when relics from their long war appear, threatening their chance at better lives, their greatest battle begins. They’ve fought for a million planets. Can they fight to save their own souls?

(W) Kurt Busiek, Fabian Nicieza (A) Stephen Mooney, Triona Farrell (CA) Stephen Mooney

Rating: Teen+


Available: July 3, 2024

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May 2024

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