Ghostbusters: Back In Town #4 (Cvr A) (Claudia Balboni) Pre-order

The Ghostbusters face a dire situation when roach infested ooze floods the firehouse and malevolent apparitions swarm freely. Phoebe, Callie, Trevor, and Gary clash with Madame Malveaux as she looms over Times Square, unleashing chaos upon New York City. Will our heroes survive this spectral crisis?   It’s a ghost showdown in the Big Apple for the final installment of Ghostbusters: Back in Town! Featuring script by David M. Booher, art by Blue Delliquanti, and colors by Cris Peter.

(W) David M. Booher (A) Blue Delliquanti (CA) Claudia Balboni (C) Cris Peter

Rating: Teen+


Available: June 26, 2024

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March 2024

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