Harley Quinn Vol 4 #20

Published by DC Comics
October, 2022

I went to the moon to eat cheese and fight aliens…and I’m all outta cheese.
Actually, there wasn’t any cheese. I think that’s a myth…but aliens, hooo boy, do we have aliens! Horace Reginald Giger would be proud! What?
No… I’m positive that’s what “H.R.” stands for. Anyway, this alien-monster-thing might not get a chance to devour Task Force XX, because we’re probably gonna kill each other first.
What’d you expect, sendin’ a buncha angry villains to space without any cheese? I warned ya!
The Harley Quinn and Task Force XX space event you’ve always needed continues here. Cheese not included.

Cover Artist: Jonboy Meyers
Writer: Stephanie Phillips
Artist: Georges Duarte


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