Harley Quinn Vol 4 #25 Francesco Mattina Card Stock Variant

“Who Killed Harley Quinn?, Chapter 4”
Published by DC Comics
February, 2023

There can be only one Harley Quinn… or, ya know, maybe like 100?
The Multiverse is a strange place.
Old Lady Harley, Harley Who Laughs, Harley who joined a bowling league in Indiana for the free chicken wings… we’ve got the whole gang together and we’re ready to put the fun in this Multiversal murder mystery, and maybe also cause more murder with a side of mayhem.
Join the team for an epic 25th issue of Harley Quinn!

Mattina Variant: Francesco Mattina Card Stock Variant

Cover Artist: Jonboy Meyers
Writer: Stephanie Phillips
Penciler: Matteo Lolli
Inker: Matteo Lolli
Colourist: Rain Beredo
Letterer: Deron Bennett


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