Immortal Thor #13 Humberto Ramos Variant [Dpwx] Pre-order

ENTER: HERCULES! The son of Zeus sought Thor out – for Toranos’ wheel had turned for the Olympians too, and two Gods together might solve such a mystery. The trail took them to a wasteland of snow and ice…to terror and treachery…and to an old foe of Hercules, at the height of her dread power. New series artist JAN BAZALDUA draws the story of the IMMORTAL THOR…and the Night Mother’s vengeance. PLUS: PART 5 OF DEADPOOL/WOLVERINE: WEAPON X-TRACTION!

(W) Al Ewing (A) Jan Bazaldua (CA) Humberto Ramos

Rating: Teen+


Available: July 31, 2024

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May 2024

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