Welcome Back #1 Jackpot Incentive Variant 1:100

Published by KaBOOM! Studios
August, 2015

Mali and Tessa have lived hundreds of different lives throughout time, caught up in an eternal cycle as they take part in a war so old that neither side remembers what they’re fighting for anymore.
As Mali wakes up in her newest life, she suddenly becomes self-aware and starts to question everything, especially why she continues to fight.
But elsewhere, Tessa is already on the hunt…

Incentive Variant: Jackpot Incentive Variant 1:100

Cover Artist: Roger Langridge
Writer: Christopher Sebela
Penciler: Jonathan Brandon Sawyer
Inker: Jonathan Brandon Sawyer
Colourist: Carlos Zamudio
Letterer: Shawn Aldridge


In stock

Variant Cover

Incentive Ratio


Near Mint 9.4

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