X-Factor Vol 1 Annual #7

“The Historians of Tales to Come (Shattershot Pt 3)”
“Drowning In Paperwork”
“Cal and Guido”
Published by Marvel Comics
May, 1992

Val Cooper is behind on her paperwork. Having secured tickets to a Motown concert, she is planning to leave it all until tomorrow – until a phone call, apparently from President Bush but really from Jamie Madrox, persuades her to stay late and get caught up. She offers the tickets to Jamie and Rahne (all according to Jamie’s plan).

During the evening Val has a nightmare in which the paperwork comes to life and chases her. She defeats it by feeding it into a shredder, but the scraps rise to continue the assault. Finally Val awakens to find Rahne and Jamie, who has had an attack of conscience and offers Val the tickets for the second half of the concert. Exit, pursued by a Val.

Cover Artist: Joe Quesada
Writers: Various
Artist: Various


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