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  • Nova Vol 6 #1 Hip Hop Variant

    Nova Vol 6 #1 Hip Hop Variant

    Published by Marvel Comics
    January, 2016

    Part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel event

    TWO NOVAS?!?!
    Sam Alexander’s missing father is finally back and the two are making adventure a family business. With their Nova helmets that enable them to fly and shoot energy beams, they’re policing the Milky Way with their Nova Corps of two.
    But is everything what it seems? And if that weren’t enough, Sam is also now an Avenger!

    Hip Hop Variant: Hip Hop Variant

    Cover Artists: Humberto Ramos, Edgar Delgado
    Writer: Sean Ryan
    Artist: Cory Smith

  • Nova Vol 5 #29

    Nova Vol 5 #29

    Nova Vol 5 #29
    “Chapter XXIX: A Sort Of Homecoming – Part I”
    Published by Marvel Comics
    June, 2015

    1st Appearance: Warbringer

    Hot out of the Black Vortex Crossover, Nova is back on Earth!
    But problems have followed him back to Earth and this arc will test Sam more than anything ever has before.

    Cover Artist: Orphans Cheeps
    Writer: Gerry Duggan
    Penciler: David Baldeon
    Inkers: Terry Pallot
    Colourist: David Curiel
    Letterer: Albert Deschesne

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