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This new 136 page, full-color issue is loaded with even more vintage E.C. lore and rare artwork by E.C. artists.Front and back covers by George Evans. With articles on the recently discovered 1954 Williamson/Torres/Frazetta/Krenkelcover toBuster CrabbeNo. 5, Jack Davis’s early 1950s digest-sizedLucky Starcomic, a previously unpublished 1967 interview with Dr. Fredric Wertham from the Alan Burke TV show, more Jack Davis and Coca-Cola, a conversation with Graham Ingels featuring—for the first time—all four large and ten smaller-sized Old Witch paintings by Ingels, a feature on Marie Severin’s charming illustrations done for theFinancial Folliesbetween 1959 and 1962, a portfolio of Marie Severin’s signed and numbered E.C. cover colorings issued by Russ Cochran, the final installment on the creation of the legendary E.C. fanzineSqua Tront, and much more. This issue is simply a“must have” for all E.C. fans!

(W) Grant Geissman, Roger Hill (A) Al Williamson, Jack Davis, Graham Ingels, Marie Severin, Russ Cochran (CA) George Evans

Rating: Mature


Available: July 17, 2024

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May 2024

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