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The complete collection of Brenna Thummler’s stunning bestselling Sheets trilogy, now all together in one paperback slipcased box set! In the beautifully crafted Sheets series, Brenna Thummler offers a magical world inside a haunted laundromat where sheets come to life as ghosts. When Wendell the ghost bumbles into thirteen-year-old Marjorie Glatt’s failing laundromat, the pair strike up an unlikely friendship in an attempt to save her family’s business in the first installment, Sheets. Soon joined by ghost-photography enthusiast Eliza Duncan in the second book, Delicates, the trio band together in all matters paranormal. But when Marjorie starts to prefer the popular group at school, she’ll soon learn the true value of friendship in Wendell and Eliza. As the trilogy comes to a close in Lights, Marjorie and Eliza help Wendell finally discover the truth of his human life. Spanning three gorgeously illustrated, highly acclaimed, and award-winning books, read Brenna Thummler’s heart-wrenching and heartwarming Sheets trilogy from start to finish.

(W) Brenna Thummler (A) Brenna Thummler (CA) Brenna Thummler

Rating: Teen


Available: September 10, 2024

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February 2024

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